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Local Area Network

Local Area Network (LAN)
Local Area Network (LAN)  

We believe that the performance of the LAN is more important from the LAN itself. We at NSD always make sure to take the best performance a LAN can give. This is done through basic LAN implementation steps we adapt in our installations.

NSD team is capable of doing the below LAN services:

Basic LAN Service:

  • Design the LAN
  • IP addressing Schemas
  • LAN Segmentation
  • Switches configuration
  • VLANs configuration
  • Secure the LAN
  • Deploy high end and medium servers

LAN application:

  • Configuring MS windows server (Active Directory)
  • MS Exchange server Implantation
  • ISA server configuration
  • MS SQL database deployment and configuration
  • Oracle Database deployment and configuration
  • UNIX servers Deployment
  • Cluster configuration