Training End User

NSD is not just another tool that people use to help them do their jobs. Implementing NSD changes the way people do their jobs because it changes the way a company does business. The ultimate objective of a successful NSD implementation is a work force prepared to use NSD to do business.

After many months of planning, analyzing, and developing NSD, users have to know how to use it once it's implemented. Therefore, the driving factor in any NSD implementation effort is, as expected, training.

We bridge the gap between what the users know and what NSD requires them to know by providing our clients with sufficient Training. NSD training is required because, like a lot of software, NSD is not intuitive.

Many companies believe that they cannot afford the time or money to produce good documentation or training. The fact is, if you do not pay to train your people, you will pay somewhere else. You can expect errors in processing essential data when users attempt to learn NSD on the job. You pay for the time it takes to make the error, as well as the time it takes to fix the error. In addition, you pay in terms of productivity.

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