NSD Inventory and Warehouse Management System

NSD MM allows you to perform business related warehouse management processes. These processes include stores, material issues, Materials transfers, inventory, procurement...

The NSD Material Management (MM) system provides the flexible, efficient, automated support that allows you to : Manage highly complex warehouse structures and several different types of warehousing facilities including automatic warehouses, custom-designed storage areas, high rack storage, block storage, fixed bin storage and all other commonly used storage areas.
Define and adapt a variety of storage bins for use in your specific warehousing complex.
Process all relevant warehousing activities and movement tasks, such as good receipts, goods issues, internal and external stock transfers, automatic replenishment of fixed bins, material staging to production areas and stock difference handling.

NSD MM System allows you to

Perform business related warehouse management processes. These processes include stores, material issues, Materials transfers, inventory, procurement.
Utilize random slotting for multiple owners of goods display summary evaluations of all goods movements in the warehouse implement a variety of readily available put-away and picking strategies including self-designed strategies.
Support the storage and retrieval of hazardous materials and all other goods that require special handling maintain up-to-the-minute inventory records at the storage bin level using real-time continuous inventory techniques.

Support the use of automated barcode scanners for all stock Movements interface to external non-NSD warehousing systems.
In addition to supporting the design of all typical storage areas, the MM system provides an automated support for several advanced warehousing techniques, such as the analysis of requirements and automatic assignment of goods to optimum locations in the warehouse using put away strategies that can be easily defined to match the characteristics of each storage area the configuration of areas for back order staging and cross-docking of received goods.

NSD MM System

The MM system supports the processing of all relevant movements, including goods receipts and goods issues initiated by the Inventory Management (IM) system, deliveries from the Sales and Distribution (SD) system, as well as movements that take place within the warehouse, such as internal stock transfers.

With its inventory functions, the MM system ensures that book inventories in the Inventory Management system match the stock in the warehouse, at any time. Because NSD components are fully integrated, you do not need separate interface programs between the Inventory Management system and the Warehouse Management system.

The MM application supports the procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations and the Warehouses and Storage Management

NSD MM includes a lot of report

which help the customer to have full information about his Materials and stock as the following:

  • Standard reports and custom reports can be generated.
  • The reports are displayed on-line or printed.
  • The reports can be converted to Word or PDF and many other formats.
  • Reports generate lists or are programmed to provide statistics or change the information in a data set.