NSD Lawyer Office Management

Due to technological advancement, the number case management systems for law firms available in the market is incredible. The market is almost glutted with competition. Part of that is because the use of a law office management system is essential - it ensures that law firms function effectively with minimal interruptions.

A good legal case management software should be able to help lawyers track and manage their cases. We find that many law firms wonder why law office management software is necessary since their traditional methods of tracking cases "works just fine".

NSD is a software engineering company, it's editor of a wide range of software from a simple system, such as a retails (POS) management system to a huge system for huge business in both sectors, public and private.
To allow its clients to control and optimize their business process by taking advantage of the latest business practice rules included in NSD Systems.

The NSD Lawyer Office Management System (NSD LYS) tracks and manages in your enterprise, in real-time:

  • Clients management

  • Case management

  • Management of advisory, consulting, and all lawyer activities

  • Alert and case registration

  • Integration with court information

  • Appointment management

  • Client interface and online follow up

  • Multi litigant management

  • Contract and documents templates

  • Financial Management

  • Employees Management

  • Tasks Management

  • Contacts Management

  • System Administration

  • Reports

  • Graphs ... More...

Improved Case Management

Good law office management software enables law firms to store all relevant information regarding a particular case in one centralized place to enable easy access when necessary. This is quite convenient as it avoids situations where files are lost or misplaced in the office. It also provides a specific point of reference, helping improve the process of following up on a case. Firm and case specific checklists ensure no task falls through the cracks. And blowing a statute date is no longer a concern!

Open a New Case Easily

For law firms dealing with a lot of similar case types, having a law office management system makes the process of opening new cases easy. You no longer need to re-type or enter repetitive information. You simply follow the templates and within no time, you have all the required content for a new case. This feature really helps to lessen time required in paper work. Many case management programs also include an intake module.

NSD LYS: Lawyer Office Management System

With your busy lifestyle, it is hard to keep up with all your appointments, trial dates and everything else that is going on in your life. With NSD LYS you can manage all your upcoming activities through a unified view of all the relevant to you cases, appointments and more.

Assigning Tasks is Easy

For most law firms, the process of assigning work and cases to staff can be quite daunting as some tasks end up being time barred. For this reason, case management software uses a unique way of assigning tasks. The software is able to assign tasks based on a pre-assigned format, and the tasks automatically appear on the employees' checklist when the case is opened. This saves time spent on meetings to discuss projects or new cases and manually assign tasks.

Track the Status of any Case

Nothing is more frustrating than having to go through a pile of paperwork in order to find a particular file or to check on the progress of a case. This wasted time can be spent doing other, more important tasks. The law office management software is able to track the progress of a particular case with ease, shortening the time required to do this.

Intelligent Management

With NSD LYS you can create, manage, track, organize and assign cases from a single intuitive interface. We use the highest security available to ensure the safety of your data, making it easy to access and manage your firm from anywhere, using the web interface. There is no need for paperwork, you can assign tasks, communicate, access files anywhere and anytime through NSD LYS.