NSD Business Controlling System

NSD BCS is an integrated solution designed and developed based on the best business practice, this solution concerns the small and medium enterprises in both sectors public and private, NSD BCS is a customizing system which means that, your business process and policies can be integrated and managed by the NSD BCS standard functionalities, in case where any of your business rules doesn't managed by the standard functionalities, in this case, NSD develop and enhance NSD BCS to answer and corresponds to your requirements.

The NSD Business Controlling System (NSDBCS) track and manage in an enterprise, in real-time, the:

Human Resources
(Including Payroll System)

This application is a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities : Personnel Administration, Time Management, Organizational Management...

Sales and distribution
(Including Point Of Sale System)

The Financial application Designed for automated management and external reporting of general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and other sub-ledger accounts with a user defined...

(Including Inventory Management..)

It supports the procurement and inventory functions occurring in day-to-day business operations such as purchasing, inventory management and reorder point processing, etc...

Restaurant Management System

From the customer calls to the delivery, from the customer reception to the customer payment and customer relationship management, the NSD RMS manages and helps you in all your business steps...

Production Management

The Production Management Application is an integrated application and essential part of the NSD BCS SYSTEM. ...

Project Management

It concerns the management of all steps of the project from the presales phase, Inquiry and study up to Realize and Delivery; it is designed to support the planning, control and monitoring of long-term...

NSD BCS System

Designed by latest scientific and Global experiences (Business Process Management), to administrate and organize the total business process in your company. NSD BCS System is a client server system (one Server and unlimited Clients); it uses a central and main data base (Microsoft SQL SERVER).
NSD BCS System has high multi levels of security to limit the access of the users to the sensitive data.

BCS Key Benefits:

  • - Multiple Country & Currency Specifications
  • - Easy navigation tools & Powerful reporting
  • - Dynamic Implementation to adapt your business process
  • - Low maintenance system & Cost effective Solution
  • -Message Alert System MAS (Customize warning messages)
  • -Integration between all system areas & Central data base
  • -Internal Email Server and other user communications means

To improve your business processes in order to get more success and more profits, the NSD BCS System developed based on the best, worldwide, business practice; it is designed, by latest scientific and Global experiences (Business Process Management), to administrate and organize the total business process in your company. It is:

  • An International System including a multiple Countries specification.
  • An Integrated Solution, all applications are integrated around one and a main central database.
  • A Multi Currency System.

An online Massage alert system (MAS) allowing the user to be alerted by the management or by any customizing issues, the MAS system provides the user (by customizing warning massages) an alert to indicate him to any possible mistake, for example: the expiry date for the materials, or the renew of the residence permit and passports of the employees...
Also, the Message Alert System (MAS) allows you to avoid any possible forfeiture or losses for the company.

NSD BCS SYSTEM has also the below strength points:

  • Solutions designed with enterprises and users in mind
  • Competent for your business
  • Continuous technology evolution
  • Steady value innovation
  • The user is at the center of attention
  • Instantly usable applications
  • On-line/real time information throughout all the functional areas of an organization
  • Data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise
  • Best Business practices and best Business Process Management are included in the applications
  • The efficiency they force an organization to undertake
  • The analysis and reporting that can be used for long term planning