NSD Training

NSD, We are an integrated client service delivery team dedicated to provide a seamless continuum of services to our client in strategic and operational areas. In its simplest term, NSD goal is Helping Client Improves Business Performance.

In the Training Area NSD can:

  • Offer training for new consultants in the features, functions and best use of NSD & ORACLE products to meet the customer's business goals.
  • Provide continuing advanced training and continuing training by our experienced consultants to avoid external contractors and/or additional resources.
  • Support customers who train their own employees with the same curriculum.

When do we need training?

NSD training is not just about training during and immediately after implementation - it goes far beyond that.Training is most effective when it is not a one-time event, but a continuous lifelong process of learning. NSD solutions have a clearly defined life cycle composed of three phases:

  • - Discovery and evaluation.
  • - Implementation.
  • - Continuous business improvement.

NSD training mirrors these phases, providing services that accompany you every step of the way - choosing and implementing the right solutions, keeping you up to date with the latest technologies, and ensuring your company derives maximum benefit from NSD software, today and tomorrow.