Architecture And Operations

We offer proven methodologies, advanced software tools, and best practices to get your NSD solution up and running quickly to contribute into your business goals.

Architecture planning:

  • - Analysis and planning of system architecture.
  • - Design of system landscape.
  • - Degree of centralization and network topology.

Operations planning:

  • - Organize daily running of systems including infrastructure planning
  • - Software change management and systems change management

Optimization services:

  • - Configuration management
  • - Performance optimization
  • - System upgrade and migration

Many companies believe that they cannot afford the time or money to produce good documentation or training. The fact is, if you do not pay to train your people, you will pay somewhere else. You can expect errors in processing essential data when users attempt to learn NSD on the job. You pay for the time it takes to make the error, as well as the time it takes to fix the error. In addition, you pay in terms of productivity.