NSD Amiresto System

The NSD AMIRESTO is developed based on the best business practice and business rules, it takes into consideration a preferment and high flexibility and efficiency in terms of management of the restaurant activities. From the customer calls to the delivery, from the customer reception to the customer payment and customer relationship management, the NSD AMIRESTO manages and helps you in all your business steps.

It is constituted by two integrated parties, the front office and the back office, both are completely integrated on the whole BCS standard applications such FI - HR - MM The AMIRESTO is, also, considered as a new application of the NSD Business Controlling System (BCS), it deals with all business process related to the restaurant activity.

Interface (screen) for the Internal Services

Interface for the Take away

Interface for

Interface grouping all the above interfaces

NSD Amiresto
Front Office - some details

Based on the privileges (authorities) assigned to you as user, you can do a lot of functions

NSD AMIRESTO - Strength points:

  • - Customizable system and turnkey solution covering all aspects of your restaurant business.
  • Flexible system which can grow with your business, from a simple POS to a multiples and complex network of POS and branches.
  • A great and full control of stock as well as a full control of waste materials and cancelled orders.
  • Mobile management capability and preferment alert system.
  • Helps you to increase revenue by adapting your sales based on customers' orders.

The benefits of NSD-AMIRESTO Mobile application are quickly felt by the customer because order Handling is faster and more accurately. Use of handheld POS devices at the table reduces the risk of errors being made on order capture and processing the order through to the kitchen.

The order is wirelessly passed to the kitchen without any manual re-entering. This makes order handling more efficient and less prone to error. Customers don't have to wait so long for their order to arrive and when it does arrive it is actually what they asked for