NSD ERP System

The individual applications in the NSD ERP System are fully integrated. All data that which are used across applications are stored at centralized Data Base (server) level, the client is the highest hierarchical level in the NSD ERP System. Specifications that you make or data that you enter at this level are valid for all company codes and for all other organizational structures. Consequently, you do not have to enter these specifications or data more than once. Central maintenance ensures standardized data)

Parts of customer and vendor master records, for example, are stored centrally and used in the applications Financial Accounting (FI), Sales and Distribution (SD) and Materials Management (MM).


You make this assignment once in the system. No further specifications are required during data transfer. You require these specifications for the following company areas, depending on whether you use the corresponding applications:

NSD ERP System Benefits:

  • On-line/real time information throughout all the functional areas of an organization.
  • Data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise.
  • "Best-practices" included in the applications.
  • The efficiency they force an organization to undertake.
  • The analysis and reporting that can be used for long term planning.
  • Multi-language, Multi-Currency and Multi-Companies System...
  • The NSD ERP System allows you to manage and perform and present a better customer services, greater organizational transparency, and increased operational efficiency, leading to long-term saving.
  • The NSD ERP System includes reporting tools for main reports as well as the power NSD query reports.
  • NSD ERP System, fundamentally, integrates the different processes necessary for business into a centralized pool that facilitates data sharing and eliminates redundancy.
  • The NSD ERP System is build and developed based on the best worldwide business practice, it includes the necessary applications for the best enterprise Management.
  • The flexibility of the NSD ERP System allows you to add more functionalities and related reports.

NSD ERP System

NSD ERP System is an Integrated System, developed b ased on a best world wide business practice.

The individual applications also exchange data, so, that business transactions do not need to be entered more than once. For example, invoices that are posted in SD are passed on to FI, and data that is entered in FI is passed on to other applications. If you use Cost Center Accounting, for example, you can specify a cost center directly when you enter a document, to which the amount entered in the line item, is to be posted.

Since every company area in the NSD ERP System can define its own structure, you must specify how each structure is to be derived from the others, so, that data can be transferred from one application to another.

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